Letter 08

Hey Chuck!


Wasn't a staffer of Q104, but I grew up with it.  

When they moved it to Birmingham, it was like losing an old friend.  

Although I do have to admit, it had gone downhill a few years before the move, now it is just a number on the radio dial down there.  

I always thought that was a slap in the face for such a legendary station, almost sacrilegious actually.  Things never seemed to be the same after about 1994, but nothing could compare to Q104 back in the 70's and 80's.  

I picked up the Gadsden Times weekly magazine last week, Times 2, 

and saw an article on what you are doing, and I was thrilled.  

It is great to have Q104 back, even if it is Internet only, but maybe someday, someone will come along and plop a tower back down in Gadsden, and bring back the old magic.

 Thanks for the website, and for the stream.  

I have missed this station and the jocks for years.


Gadsden, AL


BTW, here is the article the Gadsden Times ran, in case you haven't seen it.


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